An Orangery is an ideal choice of garden room for those looking to create a space with real finesse and style.

An orangery can be an excellent solution to the problems presented by too much sunshine!

Even in this relatively cold country, a south facing aspect can rule out a more conventional conservatory as the temperature can become too extreme for comfort.

A modern orangery can fit into many different types of home and immediately offers that additional light and space you always imagined.


Origins of Orangeries

As the name suggests, originally an orangery was a place for the cultivation of oranges, lemons and exotic plants in this country, way back in the late 18th century.

The orangery of those days was usually a building separate from the house. It was built from stone with a glass roof in a lantern shape, and was more commonly found only in the grounds of fashionable residencies. Orangeries originated from the renaissance gardens of Italy whose superior glass making abilities at that time enabled large quantities of clear glass to be manufactured and as a result of this, soon created a situation where orangeries became the status symbol of the wealthy.

Add an Orangery to Your Home

Today an orangery is usually attached to the home. Good design is a blend of traditional style with all the advantages offered by modern materials. This gives all the benefits of a conservatory combined with a sunroom, but a style that is entirely its own.

Orangeries are often still characterised by symmetrical windows and combinations of brick and glass and with energy efficient double glazing you can save on energy costs at the same time.

As a designer kitchen or a family area extension they add a great deal of presence and style and never have that “afterthought” or “stuck on” look, as it takes the form of a conventional or natural extension.