Reversible Windows

A new concept for many of our customers, the uPVC fully reversible window from Stormking windows is a perfect combination of style, panache and total practicality.

By swinging outwards, through 180 degrees (outside of the room) the reversible window offers an ideal solution in situations where an inward opening window may interfere with curtains, blinds, ornaments or perhaps in a kitchen or bathroom where it would clash with taps. Reversible windows lock in two positions for ventilation and acts as an ideal fire escape – practicality at its best.

Easy cleaning with Fully Reversible Windows

Window cleaning could not be easier – no more ladders or height problems – simply reverse the window – clean – and revert again to original position. uPVC fully reversible windows offer perfect solution for keeping your double glazed windows clean and tidy at above ground level locations and particularly in high rise apartments or flats.

With uPVC window frames you also have the advantage of ultra-low maintenance – in fact all you need to do is occasionally wipe the frame with a damp cloth to keep it pristine and looking as new, and as our uPVC frames will not rot or flake, this is a long term guarantee.

Energy efficient Reversible Windows

All of our uPVC fully reversible windows are double glazed and sealed to help you achieve a warm, quiet and energy saving environment and our advanced glass technology will significantly reduce the heat loss from any room.

These double glazed windows, fully compliant with British double glazing building regulations are rapidly gaining popularity simply because they do offer so much – simplicity, energy savings and total practicality.